1. Reinvent the wheel – do something that was done before.

“She wants me to dig up the grass and plant potatoes again. It’s a bit like reinventing the wheel!”

  1. Rocket science – make somebody hurry up/ understand.

“Come on! Finish your homework first. It’s not rocket science!”

  1. Crack a nut with a sledgehammer – too much work or money.

“A new roof, because of a broken tile? That’s cracking a nut with a sledgehammer, isn’t it?”

  1. A spanner in the works – stop something.

“You told her you can’t go out tonight? That’s put a spanner in the works!”

  1. A small cog in a big wheel – unimportant.

“Don’t ask me why teachers work hard. I’m just a small cog in a big wheel!”

  1. Off the rails (from railway) – go wrong/ fail in life.

“When he was 15, he stopped studying. That’s when he went off the rails.”

  1. Get off the ground (from aeroplane) – begin/ start.

“The idea of a car repair business didn’t get off the ground. No money.”

  1. Nuts and bolts – the basics.

“His interview went well. He knew the nuts and bolts of the English Language.”

  1. Run out of steam (from railway) - fail/ stop.

“We have new team members. We won all our matches last year. We haven’t run out of steam yet!”

  1. In spades (a tool) – lots of something.

“She’s enthusiastic. She’s got it in spades!”

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