1. cry baby – a friendly way to stop unreasonable complaints. e.g. “The coffee’s hot. The eggs are cooked. What’s wrong now? Honestly! You’re such a cry baby.”.
  2. cup of tea – your taste, what you like. e.g. “A holiday in a hot country is not my cup of tea.”, “A cowboy film! My cup of tea!”.
  3. easy peasy – This is a phrase for easy. e.g. “Can you peel the potatoes?” “Yes, easy peasy.”.
  4. mind – saying mind in the street will make a good impression, meaning “Be careful!” “Look out!” e.g. “Mind!”, “Mind out!”, “Mind, out the way!”.
  5. Nooooo! - This can be said for “It’s not true.” or “I don’t believe you!” when something good happens. e.g. “I won the English essay competition.”, “We shall be in London, next weekend!”. “Noooo!”.
  6. so what – This is a common phrase to question somebody, meaning “I don’t care”. E.g. “I’m hungry!” - “So what?”.
  7. slow coach – a friendly way to hurry somebody slow. e.g. “Come on, slow coach. It’s time to go.”.
  8. You can tell – means that something is noticeable. e.g. “You can tell she’s been working out—look how big her biceps are!”.
  9. that’s that – the end of a task or discussion. e.g. When you finish washing up some cups you can say, “That’s that!”. When you make arrangements, “Right, that’s that! We get the 10 a.m. train, Friday.”.
  10. Well I never! – means, “I would have never believed it!”. E.g. “Well I never, here’s a letter from Sue!”.

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