СМС сокращения на английском

А Вы пишете сообщение на английском языке? Тогда Вам стоит обратить внимание на общепринятые сокращения.

.In everyday English, there are both spoken and written abbreviations, to make messages quicker and perhaps more lively.

“A.S.A.P.” or “A-sap” is a common spoken business expression for “as soon as possible”. “Please let me know, A.S.A.P.”.

I.O.U. is the well-known shorthand for “I owe you” – a note, when you borrow money from somebody, e.g. I.O.U. £20 (I owe you £20).

It all goes back to the times of telegrams. The telegram service was a quick message service with payment for each word, so “I shall meet you at 6 p.m. at the town hall.” was abbreviated to “Meet 6 town hall.”.
Text messages are now an easy way to send messages. There is a need to keep messages brief, rather than prolong a tedious keying. There is a fun side to it – finding ways to abbreviate words and get the message across.

There are different ways of abbreviating:

  1. Initial letters, e.g. B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Corporation).
  2. Dropping letters, e.g. txt (n.) (v.). text.
  3. Part of a word or words, e.g. The Met (The Metropolitan Police Service).
  4. Finding a letter or number that sounds like a word or a syllable, e.g. u,r, 8,w8, l8, gr8, ( you, are, -ate, wait, late, great).
  5. Initial letters of well-known phrases, e.g. lol, brb, tyvm, (laugh out loud, be right back, thank you very much).

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