Some people say, “The best teacher is time.”. If you have not got “all the time in the world”, a good teacher will teach you and save you time.

  1. “I haven’t got all day!”- This is a common expression of impatience. e.g. “You think you’ve got all the time in the world! Hurry up! I haven’t got all day!”
  2. like clockwork – This is a phrase for working well / on time. e.g. “There! I’ve fixed your car. It’s running like clockwork!”, “Every day, he gets to the office at 9, as regular as clockwork!”
  3. around the clock – These words mean “all the time”. e.g. “We have around the clock care; somebody is always on duty.”
  4. once in a blue moon – This is an expression to say “It nearly never happens.”. e.g. “Holidays for me are once in a blue moon. I never have the time, nor the money.”
  5. 24/7 (“Twenty-four, seven”) - This is a saying for “all the time” (It is an abbreviation of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). e.g. “Don’t park here. This garage is in use 24/7.”
  6. More haste, less speed - This is a proverb for being careful. Too quickly (hasty) means mistakes. e.g. “Take your time (“Careful!”). More haste, less speed.”
  7. A watched kettle never boils – This is a proverb for doing something else while you wait for something to happen (It’s like time goes slowly when you watch a clock.). “Don’t stand at the door waiting for the postman to arrive. A watched kettle never boils.”
  8. in a jiffy – This is a phrase for quickly. e.g. “No worries, Mrs. Smith, I’ll fix your tap in a jiffy.”
  9. like watching paint dry – This is a saying for a tedious wait for something. e.g. “Sitting in this traffic jam is like watching paint dry!”
  10. up with the lark – This is a saying for an early start in the morning. e.g. “I am up with the lark this morning. I have to be at the airport at 7 a.m.”

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