There are endless jokes about love and marriage. The words of the wedding ceremony, “my lawful wedded wife” are often quoted, “my awful wedded wife”! The cost of a wedding is certainly no joke. The “happy couple” must be happy and must be “in love”, for their “big day*”.

  1. Ask for and give a woman’s hand in marriage – traditionally, the groom* asks the bride’s* father and the father gives his permission for his daughter to marry him.
  2. “Do I hear wedding bells?” – a saying for when a young woman shows a special interest in a man of her acquaintance. e.g. “Suzy says Mr. Black is wonderful. Do I hear wedding bells?”.
  3. Honeymoon – the bride and groom usually arrange to go away on a romantic holiday together. They say they are “on their honeymoon”.
  4. Mr. Right/ Miss Right – somebody perfect for you. e.g. As soon as Pat met Harry, she knew that she wanted to marry him. He was her Mr. Right. Six months later they were married.
  5. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” - a good luck recipe for a bride on her wedding day. e.g. Alison wore her mother’s white wedding dress, beautiful new pearl earrings, borrowed her best friend’s silver bracelet, and put blue cornflowers in her bouquet. It was “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.
  6. Wedding cake – a traditional fruit cake with white icing which the bride and groom cut with their hands together on the cake knife. They send pieces of cake to people who cannot be at their wedding.
  7. 7. Fiancé/ fiancée – the engaged man/ the engaged woman. After proposing (asking somebody to marry you) and getting a yes, the couple spend some time engaged to be married. e.g. “Jack, meet Carol, she is my fiancée.”.
  8. Tie the knot – get married. e.g. After 2 years, they tied the knot.
  9. Other half – your husband/your wife. e.g. “Now where’s my other half. She was here a minute ago.”.
  10. Wedding venue – The place where the reception (“wedding breakfast”) is arranged, after the wedding ceremony.


*big day – the day of the wedding, the wedding day.

*groom – the bridegroom, the husband to be

* bride – the wife to be.

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