Англійська в будинку вчителя

Англійська в будинку вчителя

Лиза, Серпень 2012

I spent two wonderful weeks in Margate, England in June.

I lived in a family of an English teacher, so I had my lessons just with her and one more student. My partner was a girl from Italy, Federica. So, I had to speak only English all the time that really helped to improve my English-speaking skills.

I had a great opportunity to immerse in the English family life, go on interesting excursions and learn a lot about the language and the customs of the English people!

I lived in a marvelous family where I could feel very comfortable; we had lovely meals together (my teacher, Ella, was also a great cook!), we watched some interesting films and spent very nice time all together.

We explored Margate in a very complete way: we visited the most famous tourist attractions and also had the possibility to hang around the streets and have a look at the different shops! We visited some castles (Walmer Castle, Dover Castle, Deal Castle, and Leeds Castle), Canterbury (Ella took us at the Evensong in Canterbury Cathedral: it was simply gorgeous!) and did a lot of other different activities every day!

Our lessons also were very interesting! Ella is a very good and friendly teacher and I enjoyed every lesson with her. She proposed us funny language games that had helped us to improve our language skills having fun! Anyway the best thing for learning a lot is to be completely immersed in the English world and have just to use English in every moment of the day, to communicate; this has permitted me to improve a lot my speaking and listening skills.

I would suggest this great experience to everyone who wants to improve his/her English!