Канікули в Shane Global, Англія

Канікули в Shane Global, Англія

Мария Тымощук, Січень 2015

My friends and I traveled as tourists. We spent a week in England. We studied in Shane Global school in Hasting, and on the weekend we visited London. My friend and I were impressed by the creativity, architecture of the city . Most houses are semi-detached in England.

My English school in Hastings was a great choice for me, because I love to be by the sea. Hastings is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is only an hour and a half from central London.

The teachers were highly qualified, helpful and very kindly. I will miss them. I lived in an English family, and enjoyed a family-style atmosphere.

London really impressed us, it was amazing, unbelievable. I was surprised how quickly that week ended .